Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tips How To Clean Moss On The Wall Without Chemicals

Tips How To Clean Moss On The Wall Without Chemicals
MOSS is indeed a plant classified as a pest, usually mildew grow in areas that are damp and rarely exposed to sunlight. MOSS is also commonly grown in home areas such as in the bathroom, on the wall of the House and more. Its existence is indeed very annoying and makes the wall or the floor becomes less palatable in perspective, and often will make the walls or the floor become yellowish.
But we've got some tips to cope with MOSS in the bathroom or on the walls of your home, a simple and natural way without chemicals but is guaranteed effective. Since most chemical cleaners, Moss, will give the effect of irritation or itching on the skin. Therefore it is better to clean it using a non-chemical material like this. This straight he Tips how to clean Moss on the wall without chemicals:
Tips How To Clean Moss On The Wall Without Chemicals

Bleach Apparel
The first way is using bleaching clothes. Do I simply by mixing bleach clothes with water, with a comparison of 1:4. Then mix well and siramkan in an area overgrown with MOSS, then brush. Doing it this way repeat until clean then rinse with water.
Salt Solutions
The next way i.e. using salt solutions, the trick by mixing 3 liters of water with 3 tablespoons of salt and then boil until boiling. After boiling the hot water siramkan directly to the floor or walls overgrown with MOSS and then brush to clean. So as a result the maximum do it this way.
Lime Water
The next way of using water lime, how by dissolving the limestone along the water to taste. Then siramkan the solution to the wall or floor contained Moss, leave it overnight. And the next day scouring the floor or wall with a brush, then flush with clean water.
Brick Red
The next way is to use the red brick, the trick with menggosokan brick red to the floor that mossy, then rinse with clean water. This highly effective way to clean mildew in your bathroom floor, but you must do it on a regular basis so that there is no Moss growing on your bathroom.
And the way the latter i.e. using chlorine. The trick is pretty easy to taste sprinkle powdered chlorine into the floor or wall area contained Moss, let stand for about 1 hour. Then flush it with clean water, then scrub with a brush and soapy water. Then flush again with clean water.

And that's some Tips how to clean Moss on the wall Without chemicals that can we provide for you, may be useful and happy to try it.

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