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Paint Color Combination Selection Tips Minimalist House

Paint Color Combination Selection Tips Minimalist House
House paint color combination is one to watch out for when you are coloring your home with different colors. In order to make your House look nicer with a mix of different colors, therefore you should pay attention to the color combination of the paint you will apply your minimalist house wall, and you also have to figure out a nice color for the home that you have. In this article, we will give you some picture examples of minimalist house paint color combinations, and in this artike we will try to give some tips for you all on how to combine a good paint color for your home.
As for some of the paint color combinations pictures of homes that might you learn to make your home becomes more beautiful with a beautiful paint color combination, and with the presence of an image this example, perhaps you can also find out the right color to put together in the House that you have, when it colors to you out of the House as well as the colors for the room located inside your home. And some House paint color combinations pictures you can see as follows.
Paint Color Combination Selection Tips Minimalist House
First to create a minimalist home you have look more beautiful with the color combination of the right House Paint, then you also have to choose a mix of bright colors, and also has a soft impression against the home you have.
At its ekstrior minimalist House, you could also use a few different colors that you can apply to the outside wall of your House, minimalist, for window frames and doors, and also paints a different wall to a Pole on the terrace of your House. And the combination of bright colors and match with other colors used in the House, then on view outside your home will look great, more and more beautiful with a nice paint color combination and in accordance with other paint colors that you use.
Interior paint color combinations for minimalist House, you should also use a little color or color does not use the excess color because, if you are using excessive color on the home interior minimalist House interior, then you will be impressed not comfortable and impressed a mess if you are using a color combination too much on your home interior minimalist piece. For that home interior, at least you can use 2-4 colors at once with perbaduan a nice color and fit with other colors that are in it so that the interior of the House look more nice and beautiful with a nice color combination and dapi in part the home interior.
So is the article about the election of the Paint color combination Tips minimalist House, may add to the inspiration in the paint color selection for your home,

Tips How To Clean Moss On The Wall Without Chemicals

Tips How To Clean Moss On The Wall Without Chemicals
MOSS is indeed a plant classified as a pest, usually mildew grow in areas that are damp and rarely exposed to sunlight. MOSS is also commonly grown in home areas such as in the bathroom, on the wall of the House and more. Its existence is indeed very annoying and makes the wall or the floor becomes less palatable in perspective, and often will make the walls or the floor become yellowish.
But we've got some tips to cope with MOSS in the bathroom or on the walls of your home, a simple and natural way without chemicals but is guaranteed effective. Since most chemical cleaners, Moss, will give the effect of irritation or itching on the skin. Therefore it is better to clean it using a non-chemical material like this. This straight he Tips how to clean Moss on the wall without chemicals:
Tips How To Clean Moss On The Wall Without Chemicals

Bleach Apparel
The first way is using bleaching clothes. Do I simply by mixing bleach clothes with water, with a comparison of 1:4. Then mix well and siramkan in an area overgrown with MOSS, then brush. Doing it this way repeat until clean then rinse with water.
Salt Solutions
The next way i.e. using salt solutions, the trick by mixing 3 liters of water with 3 tablespoons of salt and then boil until boiling. After boiling the hot water siramkan directly to the floor or walls overgrown with MOSS and then brush to clean. So as a result the maximum do it this way.
Lime Water
The next way of using water lime, how by dissolving the limestone along the water to taste. Then siramkan the solution to the wall or floor contained Moss, leave it overnight. And the next day scouring the floor or wall with a brush, then flush with clean water.
Brick Red
The next way is to use the red brick, the trick with menggosokan brick red to the floor that mossy, then rinse with clean water. This highly effective way to clean mildew in your bathroom floor, but you must do it on a regular basis so that there is no Moss growing on your bathroom.
And the way the latter i.e. using chlorine. The trick is pretty easy to taste sprinkle powdered chlorine into the floor or wall area contained Moss, let stand for about 1 hour. Then flush it with clean water, then scrub with a brush and soapy water. Then flush again with clean water.

And that's some Tips how to clean Moss on the wall Without chemicals that can we provide for you, may be useful and happy to try it.

The Waterfall Wall To Beautify The Interior Of The House

The Waterfall Wall To Beautify The Interior Of The House
If we talk about how to embellish the look of a home, no doubt there will be an awful lot of ideas and ways to embellish the look of the interior of the House. Starting from adding a few embellishments or re-mendekor with the interior of the House, but there is one simple, simple ways that you can apply in order to beautify the look of your home's interior by applying a waterfall wall. It's not a secret anymore if water element is indeed suitable to embellish the look of the interior of the House, and can give the impression of serenity at home.
The Waterfall Wall To Beautify The Interior Of The House
The waterfall wall itself is included as one of the interior decoration for the home that is easy to apply. This wall waterfall itself can be for you to apply to virtually the entire room in your home. For example, the living room, so guests who visit your home will feel the tranquility of the sounds of splash water, as well as views from the living room you will also become more beautiful than usual.
The Waterfall Wall Of Natural Stone
The waterfall wall itself mepunya a lot once the designs are made from different materials of various types, so you can sesuikan with your tastes and desires of each. And one of the designs from the waterfall wall that is attractive enough to beautify the interior of the House namely the waterfall wall of natural stone wall waterfall, this one is indeed made of natural stone. No doubt have designs that look so natural and naturally, as well as with the pattern and patterns are very interesting.
Not only that, their material made from natural stone itself also has its own advantages i.e. more easily in her treatment. Natural stone is indeed known easier in treatment because it is more resistant to MOSS and not easily eroded by water, in contrast with other materials such as cement or artificial stone. Besides the waterfall wall of rock ala mini itself is also easy to apply, as well as having a size which is not too broad, so not too consuming land.
Glass Cold Waterfall
The design of the waterfall wall more i.e. waterfall wall of glass. Glass waterfall design is indeed somewhat different than usual and looks much more elegant. If this wall waterfalls usually teruat of natural stone with the bergaia pattern, then this one is thus made of glass, so you can immediately see the water flowing from the top and fell down. The specialty of the waterfall wall on this one that is located on its material made of glass, so it will look transparent. And if you want to make it look more beautiful and elegant you can add led lights underneath or around the glass.
With so packed the light of reflection will be seen in the flow of the waterfall wall, so it will give the impression of elegance and romance at your home. For those of you who love the things that smell elegant and romantic, wall waterfall design on this one could be an alternative for you. Not only that one wall of the waterfall is also easy to be applied.
Applying A Waterfall Wall For The Family Room
In the application's own waterfall wall can be applied in virtually any room in the House. But one of the rooms which are often applied waterfall wall is the family room. The family room is indeed included a very important room in a home, therefore it is reasonable if this room need to in design and in ornamental as attractive as possible so that the whole family can comfortably inside and chatted amongst one another peacefully.
Sound splash water from the waterfall wall itself will directly give the impression of calmness in your living room, it also can be a stress-busting medication for those of you who are tired after a long day of work or work outside the home. application itself is easy, that is, you can apply it in a corner of the family room so that the atmosphere of the time gathered in family rooms became more comfortable and quiet.

Designs For Minimalist Living Room Interior

Designs For Minimalist Living Room Interior
There are times when you feel saturated with your daily work and how to remove the saturation is to gather together your beloved family, you can invite their streets such as going to the mall into a place for recreation or to other family entertainment venue, well what if you have only a little because in sibukan by Office work, then for a solution to deal with it is to have a minimalist living room to your home as a substitute for the family entertainment venues are comfortable and beautiful.
For the modern minimalist living is indeed very necessary at all in any home especially if you have a minimalist House then for living in need must also be minimalist because it must adjust the room space is small and limited to the minimalist House, and therefore require a minimalist living room design to form the optimize room that will be used as a family room in minimalist house When you design your living room looking for confusion that matches your calm, here are some examples of pictures of the family room designs for minimalist House as your inspiration for interior designing for your living room feels as comfortable as possible:
How does? have you found the design model and the family room that is suitable for your minimalist home? And also need to be informed before making a minimalist living room should note the width and breadth of the room that will be used as a family room because later on, for furniture that you choose must be adjusted to the room as spacious family room couch, Setup and also have to adjust with the laying on of the room you have.